In 2020, the voters spoke, loud and clear. They want strong, bold, leaders on the BART Board of Directors that will stand up and focus on a safe clean reliable BART that is fiscally sustainable for our future generations.

That's why I am running for re-election in 2024 to the BART Board of Directors representing District 1.

The sad truth is that I will probably be running up against a wall of money from labor unions and BART vendors who want to continue the status quo, where a majority of board directors sit on the wrong side of the table during labor negotiations and vendor contract approvals.

If you believe I can continue to deliver on exposing the conflicts of interest and fighting for the mission of safe, clean, reliable transit, PLEASE HELP by making a donation today. My campaign for re-election must reach over 200,000 voters by November 5th of 2024, to counter the misinformation and lies that are likely to be spread by BART labor and certain vendor interests.

Thank you for your support!

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